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Are you a marketer and want to stay in your job? Then start learning. Now! 👉🏻 Click the bio link to get tips for compiling your curriculum.
Are you a marketer and want to stay in your job? Then start learning. Now! In the past extended vocational training was essential to keep up with the latest trends in marketing. In the future continuous training could be crucial to holding your job as a marketer at all. Here are some tips for compiling ...
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Well, makes me instantly feel safe and secure. Where can I drop all my money to buy crypto currency right now? 😉
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Strive For The Best🔥👊🏻
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Half of a person’s beauty comes from their tongue.
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If everybody likes you, you have a serious problem.
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Give it all you’ve got!
I wrote down some thoughts about the future of marketing automation—both the concept and the software. 👉🏻 Click the bio link to read the full article on @digitalardor “The next level of marketing automation: Go beyond lead generation!”
The next level of marketing automation: Go beyond lead generation! Marketing automation systems are best known as tools for lead generation and lead nurturing, often related to the inbound marketing methodology. Even in markets with a slow martech adoption rate “marketing automation” has become a household name. But what’s next? ...
“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”—Oscar Wilde
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Our wonderful Christmas tree. Thank you @lillivanlaar for decorating this beauty.
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Editing ugly HTML email code using two screens. Because word wrap is for sissies. 😉
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Made a quadruple chocolate cake for my colleagues. I’m curious how this baby looks inside.
Read why I stopped social media automation in favor of real networking. 👉 Click the bio link.
Why I stopped social media automation in favor of real networking For a few years I put all my personal social media channels on autopilot. That helped them grow, especially my Twitter account. But as a result I was no longer using most of my social media channels at all. A ...
6 skills you need to learn to become a digital marketing specialist There are way too many “specialists” and “experts” out there, especially in the field of digital marketing. But what makes a real digital marketing specialist? I think, you need six essential skills to excel in one of the various online ...
Creating the basic setup for modular content blocks in ProcessWire In the first part of this article series I explained the conceptual basics of modular content blocks. Now it’s time to show you how to put this idea into practice by taking the example of my favorite CMS ProcessWire. Read ...
Don’t focus on marketing automation when you start online lead generation As the CMO of a company with complex and/or expensive products/services you want to support your sales team by using the internet to generate new leads? Good decision. Now be smart and don’t let a common misconception mislead you.► Read more …
Don’t let large code examples break Google’s mobile-friendly test The ever-expanding importance of mobile search is beyond debate. That’s why you don’t want Google to think that your website is not mobile friendly—although it actually is. Long lines in code examples (typically found in webdesign blogs) can be a ...
How the GTD to-do list planner Toodledo makes me a better husband After trying to use Outlook tasks to organize my to-do lists in a “Getting Things Done” compliant way for five years, I switched back to the GTD focused online productivity tool Toodledo. Yes, it’s one more tool in my arsenal, ...
The top 5 SEO blogs for digital marketers Being up to date with the latest trends in various subfields of digital marketing is vital for every digital marketing professional. SEO, in particular, is an ever-changing field of activity in which outdated information can be a genuine risk. To ...
How—and why—to pimp your CMS with modular content blocks Most website CMSs handle typical article pages or “general purpose” pages the same way: They provide one big input field for the whole content section of the page. Usually this input field is enhanced with a WYSIWYG editor, which in ...

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